Depression Is A Liar

Depression keeps you company but also keeps you lonely. It tells you you’re worthless, useless, fit for nothing. Depression tells you it’s cold on a hot summers day. It’s a heaviness weighing you down, crushing every breath from your body telling you that you can’t breathe. It talks to you telling you you’re an awful friend, disappointing daughter; the biggest waste of space to humanity. It tells you that you can’t when you can, no when you want to say yes, makes you say sorry when you haven’t done anything wrong leaving you confused as to what you are really doing. It’s full of clichés, excuses and assaults on your personality. Depression fakes your smile, fakes your good intentions and fakes your life. Depression makes you believe that there’s no point any more. Depression is a liar.

Nothing Yet Everything

A wistful glance out to sea

While she sat silently under the stars

Contemplating the ways of the world

The need to have everything

Marriage, a good job, 2.4 kids and a house

The pressure is immense to fit into the ways of the world

But as she sat there soaking up the night

Delighting in the sound of the waves gently rushing the shore

And counting the stars above her head

She realised something

That having nothing could still mean having everything she ever wanted