The Invisible Child

You deal with life for many years without any back up or an escape plan. You’re the one listening to the shouting and arguments. The one who is in the middle whilst the parents battle it out. The one who tried for a long time to be the peace maker but what happens when you’ve run out of energy to deal with it? Then there is the intrepid traveller who after just half an hour into the journey home states there is no intention of sticking around, who doesn’t want to live in close proximity to the parents. Yet this is the same person who has plenty to say about your life and health decisions (and not in the healthy way) that leaves you feeling so incredibly inadequate. No matter what conversation that person is trying to take part in they get talked over and it’s all about the amazing adventures and plans for their future whereas the other child has become invisible. A voice no longer heard. Vulnerability and emotions trampled upon. There’s no feeling of belonging to this family unit any more. Just a stranger looking in at someone else’s family

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