It’s Been A While…

It’s been a while since I wrote properly. Trying to keep that grip on reality. I don’t know if many people read this but that’s ok. I’m used to talking to myself (in my head). Today I had some assistance to repair a hole in my wall but it also did a little repairing to my head. I was completely me. We’re chatting away in my room. My domain where special permission is usually required. I’m the lady in the van except Lady In A Room. But I could be myself. Say what I wanted, no judgement or ridicule. For a short while I could be just me and feel ‘normal’. It didn’t matter what the state of my room was like, no need for pretences. Just. Me. As. Me. I really needed it as I’ve noticed a deterioration in my health in last few weeks and had to do a lot of battling on my own. I faced a tribunal yesterday and it was incredibly difficult. So many questions. It put me right back in every horrible memory that caused or still causes me pain. So exhausted from everything so now it’s time for my bed

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